10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding

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10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding1Have you ever thought about saying “I do” on a beach? Being in paradise with your future husband or wife and have your closest family and friends witnessing it all.

A destination where you are treated like kings and queens. Where their main job is to please you…ok, sign me up!

My wife and I just had our wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica last summer. It was one of THE best experience of our lives and there are endless stories to reminisce on.

These are our top 10 reasons why YOU should consider having a destination wedding.

1.     Unforgettable memories

Ok let’s be honest here, how hard would it be to forget about a wedding somewhere on a white sandy beach? I’ve been to two destination weddings and one being my own. I can remember every little detail about both trips. That’s how amazing the experiences were.

The experience will leave you with countless stories and many hours of laughter.Unforgettable Memories

2.     An excuse to go somewhere exotic

It’s a WIN-WIN! You are doing your guests a huge favor. Trust me…they will thank you later. Everyone needs a vacation, but we’re all too busy to take one. And heck, we all talk about going to a resort somewhere in the Bahama…but do we ever really take the initiative to just go? A wedding is a great reason or excuse to push your guest to finally have some fun with their lives and live a little.

All thanks to you!

3.     Saving on décor and other misc.

I have a friend who works in the wedding business and I know how much those centerpieces and table decorations can cost. No thanks, I do not want to pay for something that the guests will only see for a few hours. Having this done through the resort will allow you to pick the decors of your choices and they set it all up. LESS WORK for you and your guests!

Saving On Décor And Other Misc.

4.     Have it your way (wedding packages)

Being able to customize your packages to how you like it and cut cost….could I get any better? All resorts have unique packages and you can pick them accordingly. On top of that, you can say no to certain things and add extra stuff that wasn’t already in it. Saving you money from unnecessary stuff.

5.     Limiting your guest list

The average American guest list for a wedding is somewhere around 120. I’m keeping it real with you here, by having a destination wedding you have a chance to eliminate more than half the people you need to invite. This will save you money! I’m glad my guest list was half of that and I got to hang out with my guests at a more personal level.

Limited guest list

6.     Personal wedding planner

We had our own personal planner at the resort that we communicated with via email the month before the wedding. We also spent a few moments with her a couple days before the ceremony. A planner makes sure everything is set up perfectly to how you want it. That person will make sure your day is perfect.

7.     Amazing photo opportunities

We live in an age where Instagram and Facebook rule our lives. Nothing like posting that BEAUTIFUL picture while you’re sipping on that island cocktail. The photos we received from our photographers and friends were absolutely breathtaking.

Amazing Photo Opportunities

8.     All you can eat and drink

You are paying for all the food and drinks you can handle. No need to worry about planning where to go to get food because everything is included at the resort. You pick from the many selections of venues they offer and show up and eat. Need a drink? Stop by the bar and grab a beer or that “Bob Marley” for people going to Jamaica.

**This is only for “all-inclusive” resorts**

9.     Lose the tie and heels

How great does that feel? No ties, no heels, no worry. The benefit of having a wedding on a beach is you can dress more casually. For my wedding, I wore khaki pants with a white dress shirt and Sperry boat shoes. My wife wore her wedding dress and sandals.

You have the freedom to dress down a bit and still look great for pictures.

10.   Bringing everyone together

This might sound cliché but I think a destination wedding made it easier for people to get to know each other. Your typical wedding, guests are only spending time with each other for a day, maybe less.

A destination wedding allows the guests to hang out and enjoy themselves for as few as 4 days. You get to meet new people and build new relationships. It was a great seeing all our friends hanging out together by the pool and doing various excursions together.

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