30 Essential Items you NEED for your Grand Canyon Road Trip!

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Ever thought about taking a road trip? Just drop everything and take your best friend or significant other and just go somewhere.

This was something on our bucket-list, to travel and just see as much as we possibly can in our 2 weeks on the road.

We started planning immediately after agreeing to pursue this adventure. We started adding parks and landmarks to our list and had everything mapped out.

Now what? What do you pack? A lot of stuff we picked up along the way but a majority of them were already on our checklist. To save you guys some time, we compiled a list of all the essentials that we thought would be helpful for our fellow road trip travelers.

1. Hydration Pack / Camel Pack

Definitely, a requirement if you plan on hiking on a strenuous path. This one holds 2 liters and we needed every drop of it. We had only bought one, thinking that it will be plenty to share…this was a terrible mistake! The heat and terrain require you to consume a lot more water than you think you need.

Always have extra! Better be safe than sorry.

2. Energy bars or gels (eg. Clif-bars, GU and Gatorade Gels)

3. Snacks (trail mix, Goldfish, Belvita biscuits, etc)

4. Non-perishable foods (tuna can, ramen, beef jerky, freeze-dried or dehydrated food such as Mountain House)

We bought a lot of food and made sure we had varieties to choose from. Our road trip lasted 2 weeks, so you can only imagine eating the same thing over and over again.

It’s good to have options and to switch it up so you don’t get sick of the taste.

I’ve heard great things about Mountain House product. Their new bag allows you to add the boiling water directly into it.
There’s also a zip-lock feature so you can seal it up for faster cooking time. I’d definitely recommend this!

5. Matches or lighter

6. Tent – very easy and quick to assemble, plenty of space for 2 people.

7. Water! (we bought an extra case halfway through our trip, so stock up)

I can’t stress enough on how important it is to have water readily available. Of course, you can get it at a gas station or a local convenient store. But during your road trip, there will be times where you will run out of water bottles.

Check out why it’s so important to have plenty of water during our road trip to the Grand Canyon!

8. CLOTHES! (tank tops, shorts, jackets, bathing suit, rain jacket, etc)

9. Hiking socks or high socks

10. Hiking boots (women’s & men’s)

11. Sandals – something comfortable to wear after a long day of hiking.

12. Wet wipes

13. Extra underwear

14. Hand towel

15. Bathroom essentials (shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)

16. Waterproof case for phone/camera

A good item to have if you plan on being around waterfalls/lakes/rivers.

We hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park, which is a lovely park by the way. We highly recommend visiting this park at least once in your life.

But the waterproof case was a security blanket for us knowing our phone is safe from the water.

17. First Aid kit (ibuprofen, band-aid, antacid, etc.)

18. Flashlight

19. Bath towel

20. Kitchenware (knives, forks, pots, bowls, etc.)

21. Sleeping bag

22. Bug spray

23. Sunblock

24. Sunglasses

25. Backpack

26. Power pack (charging phone)

This THING is amazing. It charged my phone from 2% to 80% in about an hour. Very powerful and small! Grab this if you haven’t already owned one.

27. Deck of cards

28. Blanket

29. CASH!

A lot of places are isolated and do not take cards…so make sure you bring cash or small change.

We booked a campsite a few miles outside of Telluride Colorado…hiddened deep in the mountains lol. They only take CASH. We were soooo lucky to have enough in quarters (YES, QUARTERS!) to pay the man.

Don’t be like us – be prepared 🙂

30. Trash bag



This is what we packed for our 2 weeks road trip. We started buying our supplies a few days out in advance. We made a checklist but it is still very easy to forget something.

I’m sure there are many more items that people need or bring along.

I highly recommend you taking a road trip yourself and share your story. The memories that you’ll create will be priceless and unforgettable.

Do you have anything else that is recommended for other travelers? Drop a comment for us!

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