Bucket List: 30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

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Bucketlist: 30 things to do before turning 30Have you ever sat there and wonder what you’re doing with your life? What adventures are out there?
I’ve had these moments and I’ve had friends talked to me about it.
I told them this same exact thing…“You should create a bucket-list
There are many bucket-list ideas out there and each one catered uniquely to certain individuals.
My wife and I came up with one as part of her “30 Things To do Before You’re 30
So we have roughly 5 months to accomplish her list.

Our List

1. Bungee jump
2. Ride a hot air balloon
3. Tire flip (100 lbs)
4. Indoor skydiving
5. Paint-balling
6. Ride ATV
7. Scuba dive
8. Horseback riding
9. Stand in two places at once (state borders)
10. Start a fire without matches
11. Glass blowing
12. Go to Comicon
13. See a 3D movie
14. Shoot a gun
15. Extract honey from a beehive
16. Leave a 100% tip
17. Feed a giraffe
18. Go on a safari
19. Deep-sea-fishing
20. Ride a Segway
21. Brew your own beer
22. Bet $100 on the roulette table
23. Making a candle
24. Road-trip to the Grand Canyon
25. Primitive Camping
26. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
27. Participate in a food eating contest
28. Learn to surf
29. Hold a python
30. Complete an “Escape Room”

What is keeping you from making your own list? Go out there and explore the world. A bucket-list will help motivate you to be more outgoing and adventurous.

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