7 Things Every Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Should Have!

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A destination wedding…how fancy! Now you have to start thinking about your guests.

My wife and I attended her sister’s destination wedding a few years ago, and they had it all planned out…to the last piece.

A welcome bag…is what you will need! I’m not saying this is a must-do, but it’s a nice gesture to give to your guests.

There are 7 items that we thought were great gifts for everyone.

1. The bag itself

This will hold all of your items. I can only imagine this being a crucial part of your gift bag lol. We knew a friend that had a special discount with a few promotional websites. Discount Mugs was where I got my bags, and we utilized his design team to create the logo with our names on it.

2. Itinerary

This is a neat little item that you can include inside the bag. My first destination wedding, they provided the itinerary that came in a form of a booklet. This booklet had everything scheduled out for the day of the wedding. It also provided a cool little story/bio of the bridal party.

For my wedding, we just printed out a single card with the time and objective. This is good for your guests and also for yourself. You can spend less time answering their questions, and they don’t have to bother you. Some resorts do not have the best WIFI service, so communication might be delayed.

3. Beach Towel

A beach towel allows you and your guests to stand out amongst the crowd. I remembered when we were meeting up with people at the pool…having a bright unique towel made it much easier to locate our friends. Plus, you can save your guests from having to re-use one single beach towel 🙂

4. Medical Goodies

Your own personal medkit. This is ONE of the most important things your guests will appreciate. Remember when I mentioned packing ahead of schedule to avoid forgetting stuff? Well, people will still forget lol. We provided a clear bag of antacid, ibuprofen, and band-aids. You can put whatever you want, but these were what we thought would be the most useful items.

5. Sunglasses

I kid you not, this will be a very popular item! The sunglasses were white, and it had our initials and a picture of Jamaica on the side. It was pretty cool to see everyone rocking our sunglasses and the white stood out and it was easy to match with any outfit. To this day, we still see some of our friends wearing these at gatherings. It’s a good way to reminisce with friends about that special trip.

6. Playing cards

We had the decks customized from Etsy with our names and the wedding date. Some of the bars and restaurants closed early, so the cards came in handy for guests who still wanted to stay up, drink, and hang out. A lot of college drinking games revolves around cards, so this is a great gift for people who want to keep the party going.

7. Sample size sunblock

If you are having a destination wedding at a beach, sunblock is a must. It’s wise to apply sunblock as often as possible. It’s nice to have a small travel bottle for your guests to carry to the beach/pool. There will always be somebody that will forget to bring some…you will be their savior.


These 7 items were extremely valuable to us and our guests. I hope they can at least provide some ideas on how you can plan your welcome bag. I would love to hear some of your welcome bag ideas! Leave a comment below.

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