7 Must See’s on your road trip to the Grand Canyon!

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Want to take a road trip? Ever thought about driving to the Grand Canyon?7 must-see's on your road trip to the Grand Canyon Below is a list of possible places you can visit on your trek across America.

My wife and I took this trip to celebrate our anniversary. Hope we can provide some insights and you can enjoy some of the beautiful views that we experienced.

Angel’s Landing

A friend recommended my wife about this infamous hike in Zion National Park. We went to Instagram to see what the hype was all about. The videos and pictures were pretty frightening, to say the least. I was very hesitant after seeing the videos. But we added this to our itinerary anyway. Fast forward to the hike, it was one of the most exhilarating hikes ever! The trail is a little over 4 miles long and presents a lot of steep hills. After your long,

strenuous hike to the top…you are not done. You are only at the lookout lol. My wife and I thought we were done, but boy were we wrong. The actual Angel’s Landing was still another half a mile more upward. It consists of a narrow path along the edges of the cliff. There are many spots where there are nothing to protect you from the falling. There were a lot of chained posts in certain areas to aid your climb.

Once you achieved that climb, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view and a sense of accomplishment. We were standing at one of the highest elevations inside Zion National Park!!!


We did Narrows the day after Angel’s Landing, which is the complete opposite. Narrows is very popular and can be very crowded just like Angel’s Landing. You have the option to hike as much as you can, up to 16 miles. There are options to do a day hike and an overnight hike, but permits are required.

Since you are hiking in a river, be prepared to be wet. We bought hiking boots that were water resistant just for this particular hike. We rented walking sticks and it is highly recommended that you do the same. The water varies during seasons and flash flooding is always a possibility. The hike was very enjoyable and the cold water was perfect for a hot summer day. There are areas where the water can get pretty deep, a good spot to take a quick dip to cool down. Take plenty of pictures here but make sure you have a waterproof case for your phone 🙂

Horseshoe Bend

This scenic stop is right outside of Page Arizona. The hike is considered to be easy and is only 1.5 miles round-trip. A very popular tourist attraction, so be prepared to be surrounded by a lot of people. The path consists of sand and rocks. Make sure you pick a good time to go, we made a mistake of arriving at the crack of noon. It was very hot and humid. Lots of opportunities for pictures here but you will be competing against other people for a good spot.

Antelope Canyon

There are two different slots you can visit. The upper and lower canyons. We did what was available during the time we were there, which was the Upper Antelope Canyon Tour. They get booked very fast, so if you are planning this, go ahead and reserved your slot as soon as possible. WARNING: The ride to the canyon can be very bumpy and dusty. Make sure you have your sunglasses or something to protect your eyes. If you get motion sickness easily, take some Dramamine.

The tour is shared among many other groups so be courteous when you are taking your time getting that best picture. The tour guide is very knowledgeable about the canyons and its history. Also a great photographerJ. He knows all the best spots and angles for that iconic picture.


Telluride is a nice small hidden town with a lot to offer. There are shops and restaurants along the main strip. There are festivals during different seasons. A lot of activities for people to do here besides hiking. But of course, we came here for the hike and view. We took on Black Bear Pass which coincided with Bridal Veil Falls. The path is a switchback style going up the mountain and would be considered easy to moderate. If you would like to skip the hike itself, vehicles are allowed to a certain point. My wife and I made it to the top of the falls. There’s a trail called Blue Lakes Trail that we wanted to reached but the weather was not permissible for that hike. This can be an overnight hike but a permit is required.

Four Corners Monument

While we were driving to Page Arizona, a friend of mine was nearby and he stopped by Four Corners Monument. It wasn’t far away and it has always been a bucket-list thing to do…to be in two places at once. We took this opportunity and small detour to visit this monument. The states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet at a point. The only place in the United States that share this unique feature.

Grand Canyon – North and South Kaibab Trail

We kick-started out Grand Canyon by visiting the North Rim first and tackling on the North Kaibab Trail. It’s recommended to start this trail early in the morning. We were very fortunate as the weather was very cool that day and cloudy so no sun blazing on top of us. The trail will provide a lot of various terrains. You will share the path with mules and tour groups. We didn’t see that many people on this trail. Early on in the trail, you’ll get to experience the Coconino Overlook.

It’s a nice area where the cliff allows you to stand out in the open for that perfect picture with the amazing view. This trail is around 28 miles long, so we only went as far as we could since we did not have a permit to camp down in the gorge.

The next day we went to the South Rim and took on Grandview Point. This was one of many trails you can take on when you’re at the South Rim. Grandview Point was very difficult, the terrain provides very little structure in certain areas. I had the case of vertigo early on but got better once we got close to the middle. A lot of beautiful views during this hike. Make sure you bring lots of water, the hike back up is very tiring. It was beginning to storm on us so we had a nice breeze along the way.


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  • Great post! I can’t wait to visit a few of these places. I already visited some when my husband (then boyfriend) took me on a cross country road trip so that he could propose to me on the ferris wheel in Santa Monica. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi David, I did this exact route and tour on my way to the Grand Canyon. I came from New Mexico so I was able to pass through the Coconino Forest in AZ on through Canyon de Chelly and visit the old Navajo ruins there – absolutely fascinating. I didn’t spend the most time in Zion because it was winter and many of the hikes were considered dangerous due to snow, so I wasn’t able to do Angel’s Landing, but next time, for sure. I did spend a lot of time at the Grand Canyon’s cousin – Oak Creek Canyon and honestly it was one of the best vacations I have had in a very long time. I am looking to traveling more this year. Thanks for sharing!

    Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com